Administrative Office Specialist

Today’s job market demands up-to-date business skills.  In order to enter the workforce or change careers, you must have a solid foundation in basic computer, organizational and communication skills.  This program has been designed to prepare you for today’s office with a foundation of software, communications and bookkeeping skills.

The AOS program is one semester if taken full-time but students may take courses casually as well.

Students are welcome to take single courses such as Bookkeeping or Excel without applying for the entire program.  In such cases, students will not be eligible for a certificate, but will receive a transcript with their final grade in the course.  However, students can apply to the program after completing classes and transfer those credits in.

Fall applications are now open!

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Spring/Summer registration continues for those courses that have not yet started.  Please refer to the calendar link below.
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If students wish to register for individual courses without taking the full program, please apply as a “non-program student.”

Academic Requirements:

  • Completion of Grade 12 (or equivalent) or 19 years of age or older.

English Language Requirement:

  • Completion of English 12, or equivalent, or a satisfactory demonstration of written and verbal English ability as determined by the College (View the college’s complete English Language Requirements)

Application Requirements:

  • Completion of Application form

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For students who wish to take individual classes but not the entire program, please apply as a “non-program student”

September Intake (2024)

  • Applications now open!

Program Fees

Program Fees for 2024-25 are as follows:

  • Application Fee: $30
  • Tuition: $3,248
  • Technology & Library fee: $50 per semester, when enrolled in studies.
  • Textbook’s extra and purchased by students.

Course Instalment Plans (CIPs) to pay program fees monthly, are available for students meeting certain conditions.  This program is not applicable for student loans.

Administrative Office Specialist

Course CodeCourse NameCourse HoursCostCourse Description
CMNS 1100Professional Communications45$609In today's fast paced world of text messaging and other instant forms of communication, resulting in "information overload", clarity in business writing has become increasingly vital. Ensuring your message is read, understood and a call to action fulfilled is an essential factor to the success of any business and workplace environment. Learn how to effectively write letters, emails, blogs and proof copy that eliminates confusion and misunderstandings and promotes a positive working environment both internally and externally.
BUSM 1100Office Skills and Client Support15$203Superior organizational, time management and outstanding customer service skills are basic key requirements to succeed in any workplace environment. In this course, learn how to organize day to day activities and long term projects without missing a step or deadline. You'll also learn how to search the web for information, create a project budget sheet, implement proper filing systems, front office duties, proper telephone techniques, customer service skills and much more!
BCAP 1100Microsoft Word - Level 130$406In this course you will master Word essential skills; a "must have" for the office to the warehouse environment, to create professional looking documents. In this comprehensive program, you will be using Microsoft® certified manuals to learn how to efficiently use the ribbon to format and edit documents, password protect documents, apply text and paragraph styles, set tabs, indents, section breaks, bullets and lists, create tables, columns and text boxes, insert and manipulate pictures and shapes, add watermarks, headers, footers, tables of contents, reference use and much more.
BCAP 2100Microsoft Word - Level 215$203Build on skills learned in BCAP 1100: Microsoft Word - Level 1 to master use of Microsoft Word for the office.
BCAP 1120Microsoft Excel - Level 1
30$406Become proficient in using MS Excel; a "must have" for the office to the warehouse environment. Using Microsoft® certified manuals, master essential skills, to create professional and functional spreadsheets. This popular and user friendly program is used to calculate and analyze data such as budgets, expenditures, financial forecasts and to also convert this data into charts and graphs. Learn how to efficiently use the ribbon to create worksheets, input numbers and text, format columns and rows, specify calculations creating formulas and values, compile and sort database lists, link information from different spreadsheets, create charts and graphs and so much more.
BCAP 2120Microsoft Excel - Level 218$203Build on skills learned in MS Excel Level 1. Using Microsoft® certified manuals, explore advanced functions such as conditional and custom formatting, use of advanced filters, using Macros, advanced chart elements, pivot tables, lookup functions and much more.
BCAP 1140Microsoft PowerPoint
15$203In this Microsoft® Certification program, learn how to easily create and manage powerful and engaging presentations for the workplace. Using Microsoft® certified manuals, explore how to efficiently use the ribbon to create slides, work with text, images, apply themes, multimedia, transition and animation elements and so much more.
BCAP 1160Microsoft Outlook15$203In this course, learn the many facets of Outlook. This powerful program is not just for email but also as an efficient personal management system. Using Microsoft® certified manuals, learn how to create, send and add attachments, manage your emails and address book, schedule appointments, meetings and track responses, create, share and modify your calendar, use the tasks, notes and journal feature, and so much more.
BUSM 1150Employment Preparation
30$406When seeking employment or making a career change, positively standing out from the rest and being noticed is a key factor in potentially securing an interview and successfully reaching your goal of employment. In this course learn effective job search techniques; explore how applicant tracking systems work; create a professional resume and covering letter; how to prepare for an interview and follow up; and create a bio for LinkedIn
ADMN 1001Bookkeeping - Level 130$406Graduates of the Bookkeeping course will be able to enter the job market with confidence in a role that requires bookkeeping skills. This course is designed for individuals who have no knowledge of bookkeeping or are currently working in a bookkeeping role but need more technical knowledge to work confidently.

The BC Employer Training Grant is a provincial grant available to employers who want to fund an employee’s education and covers 80% of training costs.

Information about the grant can be found here: https://www.workbc.ca/find-loans-and-grants/industry-and-employers/bc-employer-training-grant

Note, this grant is available to employers only and only when following certain conditions.  Please contact WorkBC directly if you have questions about this grant.

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I haven’t used a computer in years.  Will this be an issue?

Not a problem!  Our courses are developed like building blocks to facilitate successful learning outcomes regardless of computer experience. All our Microsoft® level 1 courses start from the very basics and advance accordingly and many students excel in next level computer courses.  We also use Microsoft® certified manuals that are user friendly and very easy to follow.

I have been out of school for quite some time and am a bit worried about attending as a mature student.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about as we have students of all ages, ranging from early 20’s to late 60’s, and welcome the diversity, experience and knowledge that all bring to our courses.  All our classes foster a warm, fun and inviting learning atmosphere.

What growth opportunities are there for an AOS?

Many who take the AOS program, advance their careers to become Executive Office Assistants, Office Supervisors or Managers.  The basic knowledge and essential skills learned in this program are also transferable to other positions or field of interest.

I’ve lost my job and/or am looking for a new career.  I would like to work in an office but have no experience.  Should I still consider this program? 

Everyone has transferrable skills, that are valuable and essential, regardless of your previous job.  The key is to build on those, acquire new skills and knowledge to set yourself apart from the rest!

Does The AOS Certificate Expire?

No, the AOS Certificate does not expire.

Bookkeeping Professional – RMC’s Bookkeeping Professional program is designed to enhance your existing office skills with Bookkeeping skills, including budgeting, cost management, payroll administration and industry leading software like Quickbooks and Sage.

Medical Office Administrator – MOAs work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other related medical services.  RMC’s program provides specialized training in fields like anatomy, pharmacology, transcription and billing to accompany other administrative skills.