Student Conduct

Code of Conduct

Statement of Purpose

Ridge Meadow College’s Code of Conduct has been created to maintain a safe, caring and orderly learning environment and is based off the procedures of SD42. The purposes of the Code of Conduct are:

  1. To encourage the development of socially responsible behaviour resulting in a positive reputation for students and the school community.
  2. To foster a safe, respectful and welcoming learning environment for all students, staff and parents.
  3. To clearly communicate behavioural expectations to the school community.

The Code of Conduct applies to all students, at any college-related activity at any location, or any circumstance/activity that will have an impact on the college environment.

Conduct Expectations

Respect for Each Other

Statement of Purpose
  • To foster a healthy community where all members treat each other with courtesy and respect
  • To foster a community which is kind, friendly, and inclusive
  • To work together in developing a sense of community-mindedness and accountability
  • To promote and maintain an environment where students and staff are safe to learn and achieve success
  • To ensure that all students regardless of their sex, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, enjoy a safe, inclusive and welcoming learning environment.
  • To ensure that students and staff have the right to a learning environment free from bullying, harassment, intimidation and dishonesty. Inappropriate prejudicial behavior, speech or attire towards a group or individual is unacceptable
  • To provide a safe environment to politely voice opinions without the fear or intimidation or unreasonable use of authority
Our Expectations
  • All members of the student community will endeavour to be honest with one another
  • Students and staff must be treated with respect and courtesy through display of appropriate behaviour and speech
  • Members of the college community must display acceptance for all people, including, but not exclusive of, ethnicity, appearance, abilities and religion
  • Bullying, intimidation (verbal, physical, mental etc), harassment and possession or use of weapons are all forms of violence. These actions, whether uttered as threats or acted upon, will not be tolerated
Unacceptable Conduct
  • Slanderous comments, sexual suggestions, profanity (swearing), or other discriminatory terms
  • Name-calling, slurs, offensive slang remarks
  • Disrespectful or threatening language or behaviour (such as racist, discriminatory, or homophobic comments)
  • On-going physical, mental or psychological harassment of any student or staff member
  • Participating in fighting in any way including as fighter, spectator, or promoter

Respect for the Learning Environment

Statement of Purpose
  • To promote a caring and success-orientated environment. As learners we need to have a sense of respect for our common learning environment, our own learning needs and those of others.
  • In general, a student needs to be actively involved in the task at hand
  • To ensure each student has access to a quiet, orderly, clean, well-equipped classroom
  • To promote a learning environment where each learner can achieve the highest level possible. This can only be done when students are safe and have a clear understanding of learning expectations, assessment criteria and how to achieve high standards
Our Expectations
  • To respect the rights of others to work and learn free of distractions
  • To dress appropriately (see Dress Code)
  • To complete assignments in a timely manner in order to demonstrate understanding of learning outcomes
Unacceptable Conduct
  • Students under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs or alcohol at school or at college events will be disciplined. This may include suspension or expulsion. Students who are present when drugs or alcohol are consumed will also be disciplined in the same manner as those under the influence (for more information see ‘Drugs/Alcohol’ section of the Code of Conduct)

Respect of Facilities and Equipment

Statement of Purpose
  • To promote a safe environment through responsible use of facilities, equipment, and vehicles
  • To ensure safety regulations are followed for the safety of all students and staff
  • To care for the college and its property including textbooks, furniture, and equipment
Our Expectations
  • Facilities and Grounds- all members of our community are expected to keep the college facilities and grounds neat and tidy. Individuals are expected to clean up after themselves
  • Rollerblades, Bikes, and Skateboards- are not allowed to be used within the college or on its grounds. Bikes should be stored properly
  • Visitors- must sign in when on college grounds.
Unacceptable Conduct
  • Intentional destruction of property, such as graffiti, vandalism, theft of personal and/or college property
  • Careless use of other students’ or college materials
  • Littering on or near the school grounds, and/or irresponsible behaviour on campus

Dress Code

Statement of Purpose

The school district is committed to providing students with learning environments that are safe, responsive, and inclusive. The district recognizes that decisions about dress reflect individual expression of identity, socio-cultural norms, and that they are personal.

Students may attend college and college-related functions in dress of their choice provided that their choices:

  • Conform with established health and safety requirements for the intended activity;
  • Do not represent or promote alcohol or drugs;
  • Use respectful language;
  • Do not depict or promote violence, racism, sexism or discrimination; and
  • Are not intimidating to others.

Ultimately, the college administration has the responsibility to apply the dress guidelines when necessary. If any person dresses in an inappropriate manner, the student should be advised personally and discretely and given an opportunity to meet school district guidelines.

Unacceptable Conduct
  • Clothing that promotes or advertises alcohol or drugs in any way is not permitted
  • Clothing that does not meet the requirements of our Conduct Expectations

Drugs and Alcohol

Statement of Purpose
  • Students will recognize that using drugs and/or alcohol will have a negative effect on their education
  • Students will recognize that the presence of drugs and/or alcohol in the building has a negative impact on college culture and on student learning
Our Expectations
  • Students will not bring drugs or drug paraphernalia or alcohol to campus
  • Students will not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at campus
  • Students will not wear clothing that promotes, in any way, drugs or alcohol
Unacceptable Conduct
  • Being under the influence of any type of illegal drug or alcohol while involved in any college activity
  • Being present while drugs and/or alcohol are used during the course of learning activities
  • Involvement in any type of drug or alcohol trafficking

Academic Honesty

Statement of Purpose
  • To encourage students to submit work that is their own and not copied from other sources
  • To educate students on the various forms of plagiarism and cheating and why they are unacceptable
  • To educate students about the different methods of citing and referencing information
Our Expectations
  • Students will submit work that is their own
  • Students will provide citations or references when they borrow words, ideas or thoughts from any other source including the internet
  • Students will not provide other students with the means to cheat
  • Students will always provide a citation or source if they are unclear if they should or shouldn’t (it is better to source when you shouldn’t than not source when you should)
Unacceptable Conduct
  • copying work from others or letting others copy work
  • using someone else’s thoughts or ideas in your work without providing a source or reference (plagiarism can occur with just a few words copied or when you take someone else’s idea and put it into your own words if you don’t indicate the source)
  • copying someone else’s test, exam, or assignment
  • bringing information into a test/exam (ie cheat sheets, writing on desks, clothing, body parts etc) that the instructor is not aware of
  • using any electronic device during an exam without the permission of the instructor

Responses to Conduct Issues

Responses to unacceptable conduct will be thoughtful, consistent and fair.

Wherever possible, students will be encouraged to participate in the development of meaningful interventions through discussion and mediation.

Decisions will be made with respect to the individual. Interventions will not discriminate against a student who cannot meet an expectation because of a disability.

Reasonable steps will be taken to prevent retaliation against the person who reported a code of conduct issue.

Every effort will be made to support students. However, if there are ongoing conduct issues after having implemented interventions, progressive discipline may include, but is not limited to, failure of assignment, failure of a class, suspension, expulsion, or involvement of the police when behaviour includes a criminal code violation.

When responding to breaches in the Code of Conduct, college officials may inform school district officials, the police or other agencies  when the whole community needs to be reassured that a serious situation is being addressed.